Panda & Co. is an online pet bakery. We specialize in baking healthy treats made with only natural, organic, human-grade ingredients for your beloved four legged friend.

NO added sugars, preservatives, additives or artificial colours/flavours. We cater to all dietary needs offering dairy-free, wheat/gluten free alternatives and everything in between! 

Our pet bakery journey began after adopting Panda & his sister from another mister, Lynx. 

Fun Fact: Even though Panda & Lynx could almost pass as twins, they were adopted from two different rescues and are not related! It surely was meant to be. 

After making a trip to a local pet store to pick-up a special birthday cookie for Panda’s first birthday, I was taken back after reading the ingredients: Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil? Titanium Dioxide? SUGAR? and what in the heck is FD&C Red #40?

Safe to say I put that cookie back on the shelf.

Over the next year while working full-time, I dedicated all my free time to creating dog safe, sugar-free recipes and various healthy alternatives to my favourite baked goods. Since I modify my own diet to consume healthy, whole foods, why shouldn’t I do the same for my pups?
Through my love for dogs & baking, Panda & Co. turned from a passion project into a full-time pet bakery business.